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Play4Free Funds

Play4Free Funds is a virtual currency which can be used in Battlefield Heroes to gain Valor Points faster. In Battlefield Play4Free they can be used as credits to purchase weapons, gadgets, and armor customizations. They can also be used for temporary Credit, XP, armor, damage boosts and to purchase more slots for new heroes or soldiers to create in both games.

Battlefield Play4Free

Set in the modern theatre of war Battlefield Play4Free is a first person shooter delivering hours of realistic Battlefield action. Enjoy a fast-paced and gritty online multi-player game with built in matchmaking to ensure a fair fight.

Battlefield Play4Free combines the very best of the Battlefield series – updated classic maps and vehicles, four specialist classes, as well as the addictive RPG-style leveling and an advanced weapon customization system.

As the game’s title suggests it is available completely for free, online, using the groundbreaking Play4Free model pioneered by Battlefield Heroes.


Download Play4Free Funds Generator

With the Play4Free Funds Generator you can add Play4Free Funds to your account. You can use the funds in Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free and Lords of Ultima. And of course use it wisely otherwise there is a chance your account could be banned.


  • Download the Play4Free Funds Generator.
  • Run the generator.
  • Enter your email-address.
  • Select desired amount of Funds.
  • Your Play4Free Funds will be added.
  • Enjoy your Funds.

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